Sunday, April 15, 2012

FEC Jupiter Depot move April 15, 2012

Moving the FEC Jupiter Depot onto site at Sawfish Bay Park on Sunday morning April 15, 2012.

FEC Jupiter Depot move April 15, 2012 vid link:

To the editor:

We would like to applaud Mayor Golonka’s leadership and the Jupiter Town Council’s vision in preserving the FEC Railway Jupiter Depot. How fortunate the entire community is to have seized this chance to have a tangible piece of the past placed in a most favorable spot to reach future generations.

Let me quickly reassure that person who recently feared that the Great Pyramids had been plundered and another community’s treasure had been stolen that exactly the opposite is true. The FEC Railway Jupiter Depot has been returned to the place where it had earned its living and moreover, it has been returned to the public sector
from quiet private ownership of the last 41 years.

We are delighted that the Depot has beaten back the demolition hammer that came knocking this past year, just as we are pleased to learn that its future restoration lies with the perfectly capable Loxahatchee Guild.

Please join us in support of this wonderful little building. As the cartoon caption in Jupiter Courier 4-19-2012 so cutely notes, the FEC Jupiter Depot is a time machine.

Sincerely, cabooseMikey and Anita Starck
FECRS Directors and proud owners of Seaboard railway car No. 1088